Auto Rename Clips



This is a script to help with the majority of your auto renaming needs.  There are actually two scripts.  One script is just for renaming one item (or a bunch of items the same name).  Sometimes you don't need to have all the features of auto-renaming, and just want to rename 1 file quickly.

The second script is designed to auto-rename a number of clips/items.  This script has been streamlined so that it's easy to use, makes sense, and covers almost all your renaming needs.

  • 1st Script is for just renaming one clip
  • 2nd Script is an easy-to-use auto-renaming tool.
    • appends numbers based on input ( 1, 01, 001 )
    • can start with any number and it will increase beginning with that number ( ex: if you append "03" to your "name-" - name-03, name-04, etc. )
    • renames based on order on timeline, more robust than pro tools auto rename (which gets confused if too many clips are at the same exact time (but different tracks) in the timeline)



  • Both Windows & Mac