The Full Suite



The full suite includes all the scripts, macros, buttons, mouse modifiers, etc. that you will need to get Reaper up and running and working like Pro Tools.  It also includes all the enhanced tools to harness the true power of Reaper!  This Includes:

  • Scripts like Pro Tools - Tab to clips begginning/end, Tab+Shift to go to next clip and make selection, nudge position by user selection, go to beginning of project, rename clips non-destructive, paste like pro tools, Add Memory Location, Go to memory location based on input number/name, Solo Exclusive, etc.
  • Macros/Shortcuts like Pro Tools - Solo, Select track by "P" or ";", Delete, Top heads and tails, fade in and out, etc.
  • Macros/Shortcuts that surpass Pro Tools - Reverse, Normalize, etc.
  • Scripts that surpass Pro Tools - auto rename, subprojects, add FX Chain per clip, etc.
  • Mouse Modifiers - select using the cursor, double click tracks to select all audio on track, etc.
  • Buttons - easily make session surround or stereo, subproject creation
  • Template - Easy Reaper Template for surround to start off with 
  • BONUS - Smart Tool!!!  A config file that lets you transform reaper mouse functions to feel like Pro Tools Smart Tool



  • Both Windows & Mac